Puli Astro, Puli Token's new mobile play-to-earn sci-fi game, is now in Beta Testing on Android and iOS.

Puli Astro, Puli Token's second game, is a new multi-platform space shooter game in Beta Testing on Android and Apple. Puli Astro's play-to-earn sci-fi game will immerse players in the role of a spaceship pilot on a journey to protect the galaxy. The Puli Astro mobile game includes exciting NFTs and play-to-earn features. Puli Astro is designed for players of all types.
Puli is the native token for casual mobile gaming. The games combine traditional in-app purchases and advertisements, crypto-based play-to-earn experiences, and NFT integration on iOS/Android mobile devices.

Branding and Game Concept

"Like Tony, the Tiger is to Kellogg's cereals; Puli is the hero of the brand behind the games made by the team at Puli Token. Puli is on a mission to save his friends on daring rescue missions in Puli Astro, the second game in a series of games published by the team at Puli Token! Puli must fight his way through daring challenges and tough boss battles in an intense space shooter, guided by his human friends on the ground."

Puli Token is led by an incredible leadership team comprised of top Management, Marketing, and Development Personnel in the BSC ecosystem. The Puli team is also supported by a great support system, which includes a Game Developer, a Solidity Developer, an NFT and 3D Designer, a Branding Manager, and a Marketing Manager, as well as a dedicated group of administrators and moderators across all social media platforms. Puli aims to rise above all meme coins by providing utility and usage for the token.

"Our games at Puli Token are designed by a knowledgeable and incredible team so that both Web2 and Web3 gamers can enjoy the same game. If you wish to play more traditionally, you can play that way. Suppose you wish to be introduced to cryptocurrencies and the play-to-earn aspects of blockchain gaming. In that case, you can also play in that fashion," Mr. Lightspeed, aka Christopher "CJ" Johnson, Ph.D., CEO of Puli Token, stated at a recent AMA.

Building on BNB Chain

When asked why his team was building on the BNB Smart Chain, he responded, "The BNB Chain offers the best opportunity to build for startups like us. There is a lot of community support, the transaction speeds are fast, and the cost of these transactions is meager."

The community is the driving force for the token and the games it will support. Without the community, Puli would not be a success. The leaders of Puli are incredibly grateful for all the contributions the community has made thus far and for being solid supporters in the peaks and valleys of BSC trading.

More about Puli Astro

- Puli Astro Arcade Mode: Set out on a space adventure searching for spoils and riches. Conquer and claim a space position while upgrading a ship and enabling the P2E function. Puli Astro Arcade mode takes the player on an incredible journey into space.

  • Puli Astro Story Mode: Brave enough to enter lands teeming with enemies and formidable bosses? Reclaim lands and rescue the Puli Dogs whom evil forces have kidnaped! Puli Astro Story Mode is only for the bravest and rewards the most.



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