✅ Product updates
  • Latest yield APY updates at https://hawksight.co/11.6% for SOL and 15.5% for USDC
  • Launched new user-interface that better showcases all the DeFi protocols and yield strategies aggregated & automated by Hawksight in 1-click (and easily show USDC rewards earned)
  • Prioritizing on launching SOL high-yield strategies by integrating NFT lending (e.g. Frakt) and Tulip in the next few weeks, while working on several other DeFi protocol integrations in parallel: Francium, Larix, Mercurial.
  • Expanding Hawksight Telegram & Discord chatbot custom features to partner with other DeFi & NFT projects
  • Hawksight Degen Pool (Gamified yield aggregator): Continued development and QA testing. Find out how our GameFi project benefits NFT holders here: Hawksight Degen Pool: Gamifying DeFi while rewarding NFT holders

✅Growth & Business Development updates

  • Planning Debonair Degen Hawks NFT PFP & roadmap upgrade (Alpha: You will need $HAWK tokens)
  • Finalizing concept art for Debonair Degen Hawks NFT PFP, as well upgraded benefit mechanisms (including yield performance fee discounts for Hawksight DeFi app depositors)
  • Completed backend development of $HAWK token staking platform, and currently working on frontend development. $HAWK token accrual value will be driven by token buybacks, funded by protocol fees as Hawksight’s Total Value Locked (TVL) grows.
  • Launched partnership with Pugging Awesome NFT project, which is building the “Largest & Most Diversified Investment Fund on Solana” (See Pugging Awesome Twitter)
  • Hawksight core team representatives are en route to Solana Breakpoint conference in Lisbon, Portugal (November 4–7, 2022)
  • Working on several product integration & marketing partnerships with leading Solana DeFi & NFT projects

???? What is Hawksight?

Hawksight.co is building Solana’s Largest DeFi Yield Aggregator & Infrastructure — Earn the best APY yield opportunities to grow your SOL and USDC, through 1-click automated yield strategies for: DEX trading yields, borrow-lending, and structured derivatives. Hawksight is backed by Solana Ventures, and audited by Sec3.
Hawksight’s mission is to make DeFi yield accessible to Everyone — and we are tackling this mission with 3 (three) strategic launches:
  • DeFi yield aggregator with 1-click automated DeFi yield strategies
  • DeFi-NFTs to “mint” first-time DeFi users
  • GameFi Degen Pool to gamify DeFi yield while rewarding NFT holders
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